Lace Maxi Skirt Up-Cycle

9212817217d8d96882bb1dad6382d4feThe messiness of my room is inexcusable, so sorry you all have to see that. It’s just embarrassing.
What I’m not ashamed to admit is that I’m a huge fan of bargain shopping. However, I’ve got a terrible habit of buying things that just aren’t right, and planning to alter little things to make them perfect. The ideas are good, but we all know sometimes those little plans don’t exactly work out. This time, That wasn’t the case. 🙂



Before again

Before again

Anyway, I found this hideous dress in the clearance section at Ross awhile back, and decided it would be perfect for an up-cycle I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. As it was, it’s quite frumpy: too short, tight in the wrong places, loose in the wrong places, and just didn’t do a whole lot for my less-than-perfect shape, but now that it’s done, I actually kinda love it.

I was inspired by Pinterest (as usual) when I found this picture of Rachel Bilson, but knew that the odds of my being able to find this skirt were slim to none, and even if I did, I don’t have the same funds as Rachel Bilson probably does, so I set out to make it myself.

The inspiration


(Here is the link to the picture at right:

All I did was cut the boob part off (which I converted into a bandeau), taper in the sides to fit perfectly over my hips after it’s been pulled down a bit, and add some elastic into the waistband to keep it fitted. Okay… it wasn’t entirely a solo project… Since I’m a novice in the sewing department I drafted my lovely grandma and aunt to help me with the harder parts. Now I have this super pretty, high-waisted, lace maxi skirt. I’m in love with it! For a total of less than $10 and a few hours’ work, I think it turned out pretty well. 🙂


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