A Very Merry (21st) Un-Birthday

I’ve always thought an Alice in Wonderland theme would make the most amazing 21st birthday party. I’m quite a fan of turning kid party themes into less child-friendly versions. Anyway, you can imagine how disappointed I was that I didn’t have the finances when it came to my birthday for a party (not that anyone wants to dress up in character for a June birthday in Arizona). But the good news was that having an UN-birthday party made it even more Alice in Wonderland-y.

Anyway, I ended up planning this party out for a “Real London Bus Company” scavenger hunt in downtown Phoenix that ended with a competitive game of Cornhole. If you’re ever in Phoenix, definitely go to one of their events. They do scavenger hunts, night hunts, and pub crawls, but since some of my favorite people aren’t 21 yet, we did the scavenger hunt. It was soooo much fun. And my extremely talented mother made the most gorgeous wonderland cake ever! All in all, it was a wonderful day. Enjoy the photos below!













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