A Very Merry (21st) Un-Birthday

I’ve always thought an Alice in Wonderland theme would make the most amazing 21st birthday party. I’m quite a fan of turning kid party themes into less child-friendly versions. Anyway, you can imagine how disappointed I was that I didn’t have the finances when it came to my birthday for a party (not that anyone wants to dress up in character for a June birthday in Arizona). But the good news was that having an UN-birthday party made it even more Alice in Wonderland-y.

Anyway, I ended up planning this party out for a “Real London Bus Company” scavenger hunt in downtown Phoenix that ended with a competitive game of Cornhole. If you’re ever in Phoenix, definitely go to one of their events. They do scavenger hunts, night hunts, and pub crawls, but since some of my favorite people aren’t 21 yet, we did the scavenger hunt. It was soooo much fun. And my extremely talented mother made the most gorgeous wonderland cake ever! All in all, it was a wonderful day. Enjoy the photos below!















Bridesmaids Movie Poster

Bridesmaids Movie Poster

So all over Pinterest I’ve been seeing pictures of bridesmaids posing to match the cover of the hilarious movie, Bridesmaids. Obviously, we had to give it a shot. Here is our version from my sister’s wedding in January.

From Ashley's Wedding

From Ashley’s Wedding

DSC00937After about five months of planning, I finally hosted my older sister’s bachelorette party this weekend. I wanted to do a Disney princess themed event, without ending up looking like we were throwing a birthday party for a little girl, and I think with the help of my mom and sisters, we pulled it off despite the challenges we faced.

The Issues:DSC00977

  • The bride, Ashley rarely drinks and is a super picky eater
  • Only half of the party’s attendees were of legal drinking age
  • Mom and the mother-in-law were both attending
  • Scheduling difficulties, which I’m sure everyone has

Clearly this was not going to be your typical bachelorette party.

So we got to planning and fixed our budget and tried our best to fit every single element we wanted into the budget. We started coming up with ideas in early June, and the party wasn’t scheduled until late October. The hardest part was keeping everything a secret for that entire time. We were all just so excited.

DSC00979Anyway, the final party started off on a Saturday afternoon with mani-pedi’s for everyone. Ideally we’d have taken a limo, but that stretched our budget just a little too far, so it was one of the few things to be eliminated. So we got our nails done and then headed to a nearby studio for a pole dance fitness party.

That’s where we surprised Ashley by bringing out all of our Disney princess costumes. Since the bachelorette party was to take place during Halloween weekend, it was appropriate timing, and considering we’d all grown up watching the princess movies a billion times, it seemed a good theme for us. We got dressed and started the pole class, which turned out to be a lot of fun. I’m actually considering going back for more pole classes. Another thing I want to add is that the class was pretty appropriate for all ages, so even the younger girls in the wedding party were completely okay joining in. After the class was over, we had some time to pose for pictures, and then it was off to dinner at a modern, upscale, casual restaurant.

DSC00998We had a good time at dinner, but unfortunately regulations would not allow us to bring in our own cake. My mom is basically a non-commercial version of “The Cake Boss,” so buying dessert there wasn’t an option and not having anything at all wasn’t an option either. So we got a little creative and decided to break the rules a little more for our already non-cliche bachelorette party.

We got my future brother-in-law, Gilbert, to dress up as Prince Charming and had him bring the cake to one of the outdoor seating areas of the restaurant as we were leaving. The cake was shaped like a Cinderella slipper on a pillow, so that worked out perfectly. We all had cake, and the bride and groom danced, and then we separated again.

As I said earlier, very few of the attendees were legal to go into any of the late-night hangouts, so it was back to my mom’s house for cocktails and a lingerie shower. Ashley opened her gifts, and I mixed drinks for everyone. Then everyone went home except my mom, Ashley, myself, and our two younger sisters.


Please ignore the one crying sister. She was very afraid of Space Mountain, and because the name was changed to Ghost Galaxy for Halloween, we “accidentally” rode it with her.

The next morning, we had breakfast, which Gilbert joined us for. He also brought us a suitcase he had packed for Ashley, because we were going to drive to California and spend a day at Disneyland.

Sunday was a travel day, and then Monday we spent the day roaming the Happiest Place on Earth. It so happened that there was an event at Disneyland that night, so everyone without event tickets would be kicked out of the park by six o’ clock. I’m not sure what the exact reasoning behind that was, but it worked in our favor because the park was virtually empty. The longest we waited in any line was about ten minutes, no kidding. And we were pretty much done by six anyway.

After a day at the park, we wanted an excuse to wear our costumes again, so we put them back on, and went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and walked around Downtown Disney. Then, Ashley and an old friend of hers went to one of the nearby bars for a little bit of cliche bachelorette party fun. We did a little shopping on Tuesday morning, and spent the afternoon driving home.Β Overall, I’m not sure I’d have changed anything about the party. It was fun and original, and it worked great under our unusual circumstances. πŸ™‚

See my earlier post for the Disney Princess Theme Bachelorette Party Invitations at the link below:


What other fun ideas do you guys have for one-of-a-kind bachelorette parties?


Ashley’s Disney Princess Bachelorette Party

Disney Bachelorette Party Invitations

I’m sure if you’ve read my earlier posts, you know that my older sister is getting married this January. Being the super-wedding-obsessed person that I am, that was great news for me. I actually love weddings so much, that I decided to become a certified wedding planner this summer through the Bridal Society. Anyway, enough of that little tangent. The other thing that meant for me, as the bridesmaid/maid-of-honor is that I would need to make a speech on the wedding day, and host a bachelorette party. The speech is still in the form of a very, very rough draft, but the bachelorette party has been a work in progress for quite a few months now.

There were a few complications in planning this event, which I will go into detail about in my next post with pictures from the actual party. One thing I was sure of, though, was that I wanted to do a Disney princess theme for the event. Disney was something my sisters and I grew up on, so it just seemed appropriate, but obviously we didn’t want a three-year-old birthday party. We planned on going to a pole dancing class, serving cocktails, and having a lingerie shower. So I decided to make the invitations to fit that theme. Again, if you’re curious about how all of this came together feel free to see my next post.

So the picture above is of the front side of a couple of the finished invitations. I used scrapbooking paper scraps to cut out little lingerie shapes and piece them together, added some wirey-looking thread, embossed some words on the front and stuck it all to a piece of glitter paper. I loved how they came out. And in case you can’t read it, it says, “Ashley has found her Prince Charming.” A little cheesy, but hey, I like cheese. πŸ™‚

CAM00416Like I said, I drew and cut out each individual shape for the tiny bras and whatnot. To the left are the little shapes I cut out. Obviously, I embellished them a bit with little beads, gems, flowers, and bits of ribbon and tulle. Whatever I had, I made use of. And since I’m a scrapbooker, I had a lot of options. I could see someone who doesn’t have the materials already spending quite a bit of money trying to get all the different elements and colors, but there are perks to all hobbies. I guess this is the one for scrapbookers.

On the inside I printed out some little itinerary pages and other random information and tried to make it look fairly cutesy. Then my grandma made some envelopes for me out of plain brown paper bags (which I thought was brilliant) and I sealed them with a tiny Cinderella show sticker I made with more scrap paper and of course, glue. You can see all that in the next few pictures, along with the addressing technique I used, which gave me no issues surprisingly. I was worried if I addressed the envelopes too differently, they wouldn’t make it to their destination, but that wasn’t the case. So moral of the story is don’t be afraid to get creative with the envelopes too. πŸ™‚


So there you are. I like to think the idea was relatively unique, and I’ve gotta say, the entire party went even better than expected. We had a great time! Like I said, have a look at my next post if your curious about how to turn a kids’ theme into an awesome adult party. πŸ™‚

Disney Bachelorette Party Invitations